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Jordan Ellis owner of PowerSolar Las Vegascom
Jordan Ellis
Ethan Rivera
Ethan Rivera

About PowerSolarLasVegas.com 

Founded by industry veterans Jordan Ellis and Ethan Rivera, PowerSolarLasVegas.com stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the Las Vegas solar industry.

Jordan Ellis: A Decade of Solar Expertise 

Jordan Ellis, the owner of PowerSolarLasVegas.com, brings over 12 years of extensive experience in the solar energy sector. His deep knowledge and passion for renewable energy have been pivotal in establishing PowerSolarLasVegas.com as a trusted leader in solar solutions. Under his guidance, the company has flourished, consistently delivering top-notch solar installations and customer service.

Ethan Rivera: Bringing East Coast Expertise to Las Vegas 

Co-owner Ethan Rivera has a rich background in the solar industry on the East Coast. He moved to Las Vegas to capitalize on the burgeoning solar expansion in the area. His expertise has been instrumental in adapting PowerSolarLasVegas.com’s offerings to the unique climate and energy needs of Las Vegas homes and businesses.

Commitment to Advanced Solar Solutions 

PowerSolarLasVegas.com, harnessing advanced Heterojunction/SmartWire technology from Meyer Burger, offers premium PV cells and modules. This technology ensures exceptional solar performance, specifically tailored for the demanding Las Vegas climate.

Tesla Powerwall and Span Smart Panels: Pioneers in Energy Storage and Management 

As an integral part of our solar solutions, we offer the Tesla Powerwall and Span Smart Panels. These systems are at the forefront of energy storage and smart energy management, empowering homeowners with efficient and reliable power solutions.

Navigating Incentives and Providing Tailored Installations 

Our team at PowerSolarLasVegas.com is dedicated to making solar energy accessible. We provide expert guidance on solar panel rebates in Nevada and flexible financing options. Additionally, we specialize in custom solar installations, ensuring optimal efficiency and ease of integration for every Las Vegas residence.

Tyler Brooks of Power Solar Las Vegas at Meade St.
Tyler Brooks
Brandon Miller

Tyler Brooks: Mastering Operations 

As the Head of Operations, Tyler Brooks plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of PowerSolarLasVegas.com. His strategic oversight ensures that every project is executed with precision, from initial consultation to final installation, maintaining the highest standards of service and efficiency.

Brandon Miller: Engineering Excellence 

Engineer Brandon Miller brings a wealth of technical expertise to PowerSolarLasVegas.com. His engineering acumen is instrumental in designing and implementing solar solutions that are not only efficient but also perfectly tailored to the challenging Las Vegas environment.

Commitment to Advanced Solar Solutions 

At PowerSolarLasVegas.com, the focus is on delivering state-of-the-art solar installations, utilizing advanced technologies like Meyer Burger’s Heterojunction/SmartWire. Our offerings include the Tesla Powerwall and Span Smart Panels, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest in energy storage and smart management systems.

Expertise in Incentives and Custom Installations 

Our team is adept at navigating solar panel rebates in Nevada and offering flexible financing options, making solar installations accessible and affordable. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solar solutions, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.