Pioneering Sustainability with MGM Resorts in Las Vegas

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As a vanguard in the hospitality industry, MGM Resorts in Las Vegas understands the imperative of adopting sustainable practices. This commitment transcends beyond a corporate mandate; it’s an ethos that shapes every decision, from green building designs to cutting-edge clean energy initiatives.

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Environmental Sustainability at the Forefront

MGM Resorts’ journey towards environmental stewardship is marked by significant milestones.

Key among them is the partnership with, a leader in solar energy solutions, to consult on the best methods for implementing the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array.

This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability, reflected in our LEED certifications and our dedication to green building standards.

Innovative Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Energy conservation is a cornerstone of our sustainability program.

By joining forces with, we’ve been able to implement the most energy-efficient operations possible, actively reducing our electricity consumption.

This synergy has resulted in effective waste reduction strategies, comprehensive recycling programs, and advanced water stewardship policies, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

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MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array: A Landmark Initiative

The MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array, consulted upon and co-implemented with, stands as a testament to our renewable energy commitment. Covering 640 acres and equipped with 323,000 solar panels, this 100-megawatt capacity project supplies up to 90% of daytime power to 13 Las Vegas resorts.

It’s a shining example of how we, along with our partners, are revolutionizing the hospitality industry’s approach to environmental sustainability.

Strategic Partnerships Driving Change

The development of the Mega Solar Array has been a collaborative effort.’s expertise in solar technology has been invaluable in the design and construction phases.

Our combined efforts with Invenergy, AEP Renewables, American Electric Power (AEP), and NV Energy have been instrumental in integrating this massive solar project into the local energy infrastructure seamlessly.

MGM Resorts’ Commitment to Sustainability

As a leader in the hospitality industry, we recognize our responsibility to adopt and implement sustainable practices. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a corporate mandate, it’s a core value that guides our every action from eco-friendly building designs to our clean energy initiatives.

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Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

At MGM Resorts, they have embarked on a journey to reduce our environmental footprint through targeted sustainability initiatives.

Among their accomplishments is the achievement of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications, which reflects our commitment to green building standards.

They have integrated advanced environmental design elements and cutting-edge technologies to minimize waste, conserve water, and enhance energy efficiency across our properties.

  • Energy Conservation: By implementing energy-efficient operations, we are actively reducing our electricity consumption, which is a significant component of our sustainability program.
  • Waste Reduction: Properties employ comprehensive recycling programs and food waste reduction strategies to ensure that we not only minimize our environmental impact but also contribute to community welfare.
  • Water Stewardship: They’ve developed water conservation policies that not only curtail to usage but also set new industry benchmarks for water management.
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Impactful Benefits of Our Solar Initiative

There commitment to sustainability and combating climate change is unwavering.

The Mega Solar Array, a crucial element of a solar initiative, significantly covers our resorts’ energy and power needs.

It’s a bold step towards energy efficiency, renewable electricity, and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative not only reinforces their commitment to the environment but positions us as industry leaders in sustainable practices.

Sustainability Platform: Focus on What Matters

The sustainability platformFocused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet, outlines our strategic priorities and objectives in building a more sustainable future.

  • Clean Energy: They’ve made substantial investments in clean energy, including the development of large-scale solar arrays, which serve to power our operations and lower our carbon footprint.
  • Social Impact: They understand that sustainability transcends environmental practices, encompassing social responsibility and community engagement. Their efforts to drive positive social impact are intertwined with our environmental goals.

By progressing in these areas, we are not just contributing to environmental sustainability but also creating a lasting positive effect in the communities we serve and the wider world.

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Mega Solar Array Project Details

The MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array is a considerable leap in the hospitality industry’s journey toward environmental sustainability. It boasts a 100-megawatt capacity and spans a vast area in the desert.

Specifically, the array covers 640 acres and incorporates 323,000 solar panels.

In practical terms, the solar array’s energy production capability is robust enough to supply up to 90% of daytime power to our 13 Las Vegas resorts. This clean energy initiative enhances our ability to operate their resorts in a more eco-friendly manner without compromising the hospitality commitments.

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At, we’re more than just a solar company; we’re a partner in creating a sustainable future.

Our collaboration with MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is a prime example of how we’re transforming the energy landscape, one solar panel at a time.

Whether it’s a large-scale project like the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array or a personalized solution for your home, is dedicated to delivering top-tier solar energy solutions in Las Vegas.

Join us in this green revolution. With, you’re choosing a brighter, cleaner future. Visit us at Solar Las Vegas and discover how we can illuminate your path to sustainable energy today.

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