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Discover Las Vegas’ leading solar panel provider at Specializing in high-efficiency installations and unmatched customer service, we’re committed to helping you harness the sun’s power, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a greener planet.

A Quality Solar Energy Installation specializes in top-notch solar power system installations, offering comprehensive solar panel maintenance and flexible financing options. Benefit from solar energy rebates when you choose our efficient photovoltaic panels for your energy needs.

Solar Power System

Enhance your home with a state-of-the-art solar power system featuring Meyer Burger's highly efficient solar panels and Tesla's reliable battery backup. This combination offers unmatched energy production and storage, ensuring you maximize savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Solutions

Discover our eco-friendly renewable energy solutions for Las Vegas homes, tailored to fit S-Tile, Flat Tile, Shingle, and Flat Roofs. Our services ensure maximum solar efficiency and design harmony, making sustainable living a reality for diverse architectural styles in the vibrant city. Transform your Las Vegas home with the perfect green energy solution.

Nevada Solar Incentives

Nevada offers solar incentives like the 30% Federal Tax Credit, net metering, and local rebates, making solar installations more affordable. With benefits for both homeowners and commercial entities, these programs significantly reduce solar system costs and boost savings.

Net Metering Program

Nevada's net metering program credits solar users for excess energy sent to the grid, saving on energy costs. With NV Energy, enjoy 75% credit on retail rates for 20 years. Combine with federal tax credits for more savings​.

Solar Panel Financing Options

Power Solar Las Vegas offers $0 down financing on approved credit, with terms up to 25 years. Bundle services for more savings, including solar panels, energy-efficient windows and doors, solar-plus-battery, smart panels, and HVAC. Catering to various credit profiles, we make solar accessible to all.

Renewable Energy in Las Vegas

Homes with solar energy systems tend to sell faster and at a higher price, with some studies showing a 17% increase in market value.

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One of the Best Solar Companies in Vegas

When you choose us as your solar provider in Las Vegas, you’re not just getting a solar power service—you’re choosing excellence, unparalleled local expertise, and a steadfast commitment to your satisfaction. Our company stands out as a beacon of quality in the Las Vegas solar industry, offering a blend of reliable service, expert knowledge, and a tailor-made approach that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Unlocking Solar Potential emerges as a pivotal force, steering the community toward a greener, more sustainable horizon. Our cutting-edge solar technology and expert guidance are illuminating the path to an eco-conscious future, making solar power not just a choice, but a lifestyle for Las Vegans.

Solar Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services ensure your solar products always perform at their best. Preliminary plans for continuous improvement, investing in the latest technology, and expert communications help maintain your system’s efficiency.

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Support for Existing Solar Panel Systems

Our commitment to excellence extends to the support of existing solar panel systems, with a specialized focus on integrating Enphase and Tesla technologies. We understand the importance of maintaining and optimizing your solar investment.

Enhance Your Solar and E.V. Charging Solution

Step up to cutting-edge solar panels and Battery/Energy Storage Systems (E.S.S), seamlessly integrated with E.V. charge installation. Our affordable financing options and grants make upgrading simple. Enjoy effortless installation, superior performance, and substantial savings.

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Power Solar Las Vegas shines in the solar industry by offering tailored, eco-friendly energy solutions with a focus on the unique needs of Las Vegas homes and businesses. Our expertise spans advanced solar engineering, including heterojunction technology, and a variety of panels like efficient monocrystalline and versatile polycrystalline. We’re committed to guiding our customers through every step, utilizing rebates to make sustainable energy more accessible. Trust us to equip your roofs and communities with top-tier solar power, backed by our dedication to excellence.

The cost of solar panels in Las Vegas, as of early 2024, is approximately $2.60 per watt, including installation. For a standard 5 kW system, this translates to an average cost of about $13,276 before incentives. However, prices can vary from $11,109 to $15,348 depending on the specific system and provider. It’s also important to note that the average price can significantly decrease by about 30% after factoring in the federal tax credit.

The optimal solar power system for a Las Vegas home depends on various factors, including energy needs and roof space. However, for value and efficiency, we recommend a combination of Maxeon solar panels, known for their high efficiency, with SPAN Smart Panels for advanced energy management. Pairing these with a Tesla Inverter and Tesla Powerwall 2, 3, or Powerwall+ ensures reliable energy storage. SolarEdge Inverters and Batteries offer additional versatility, while Enphase Microinverters excel in optimizing each panel’s output. This mix provides a robust, efficient solar solution tailored to maximize value.

If your solar panels in Vegas produce extra energy, NV Energy’s net metering pays you 75% of the retail rate for it. This can lower future bills or offset costs. With the Federal Solar Tax Credit and savings, solar is a smart move, paying off in about 7-9 years. It’s a way to save money and help the planet!​